S&I Launches Security And Safety Management System Built On Microsoft Azure


By Juan Pedro Tomás

S &I Corporation, a Korean building solution provider that is part of LG Group has released its “atxpert AI Viewer”, a new AI building security management system.

The company said that the new offering is based on Microsoft Azure, TnM Tech’s Ghost-I AI edge computing and Scenera’s NICE PaaS, a managed Kubernetes service built on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

The company noted that the combination of these partners’ technologies enables a highly scalable and easy to manage building safety and security management system.

The system can detect special events such as off-hour intrusion, fire, loitering and more. All events are programmed to alert security managers with real-time, low latency notifications that will provide details of such events via apps running on mobile devices, prompting quicker reaction times. Cameras and X-ray scanners are connected to atxpert AI Viewer edge computing processor (Ghost-I) running edge AI analytics, enabling the motion detection with pre-programmed AI models.

S&I’s system utilizes existing CCTV data of buildings and system recognizes, captures and filters only necessary events, as opposed to analyzing all streaming video images, allowing this model to be more cost-effective and saving on bandwidth costs, storage, and cloud-based video stream analytics, the company said.

S&I completed service development in the first quarter of 2021 and launched this service in buildings owned by LG Group. The company is planning to further expand this service and apply it to more customers. “Our expertise in building management is enhanced by the industry’s leading edge-to-cloud distributed AI services offered by our partners. Our commercialized services will elevate building management to the next level of security and safety,” said Eric Kim, chief director of S&I. “The AI analytics data we gather in our service will further improve our capabilities, while also enabling us to integrate additional features. We plan to develop and offer safety services optimized on basis of AI-collected data of our sites.”

Microsoft Azure is the foundation for the solution and enables an edge to cloud pipeline managed by Scenera PaaS to process high bandwidth video streams effectively. Azure Key Vault will be utilized to manage critical data security and privacy. Azure IoT Edge will be used to manage the deployment and reconfiguration of Edge AI Analytics. Azure IoT Hub will enable the management of thousands of edge devices. The solution utilizes Azure Kubernetes Service managed by Scenera to handle large numbers of Video and IoT data streams. AI algorithms trained using the Azure cloud infrastructure can be distributed from the cloud to the edge enabling the effective filtering of video data, while Azure Media Storages will store filtered and indexed data.

Senior director of AI and machine learning at Microsoft Bharat Sandhu said, “At Microsoft we are committed to empower our partners and customers to innovate and I am pleased to see this collaboration delivering a real value for S&I and its customers by enhancing building safety and security. This architecture can be applied to various applications beyond the building management solution including retail stores and large-scale residential property management.”

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