In today’s world, information and communication technology (ICT) plays an important role in every industry as well as in our personal lives. This explains why development stakeholders in both developed (prioritized) and developing climes are prioritizing the ICT sector. The World Bank has found that a 10 per cent increase in broadband penetration results in a 1.38 per cent rise in economic growth in developing countries and 1.21 per cent in developed countries. Tracking developments in the ICT space and placing them (more or less as intelligence) in the global public domain, becomes both a critical role and an imperative for focused media to champion. This medium will strive to report the industry in such a manner as conduces to creation of jobs, wealth, innovation and opportunities for entrepreneurs, enthrones fair competition and, by so doing, leads to more choices to consumers and citizens at a price they can afford.

VISION: A World in which ICTtransforms lives and livelihoods.

MISSION: To provide space for the balanced narrative to drive ICT growth and development in a holistic manner.

CORE VALUES: Boldness, Industry, Nimbleness, Diligence (BIND).

BORDERLESS MEDIUM is the product of a series of seminars and workshops, on capacity building, for journalists generally and ICT journalists specifically, that highlighted the imperative for online journalism. Born in 2018, Cyber Era is a stellar contributor to the growth and development of the ICT ecosystem. It is hot on ICT news, views and trends and thorough in events management….


Cyber Era is the preferred medium for leading ICT Stakeholders in Nigeria, Africa and Emerging Markets and the rest of the world who value it as an unbiased authority in the reportage of the ICT industry.


Nigeria, Africa and Emerging Markets are the primary markets of this publication, but its influence is global.

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