Clifford Agugoesi

Mr. Agugoesi is a dedicated journalist with over three decades of hands-on experience, cutting across virtually all industry beats. Since graduation in 1989, he has served in various capacities in many print media, where he rose through the ranks to the position of editor.

He has served as Political Correspondent, The Diplomat, State House Correspondent, Newbreed magazine, Health Correspondent, The Comet, ICT Correspondent, Policy magazine, National Mirror. He temporarily left reportorial duties to serve as head, media and corporate affairs in one of the telecommunications companies in Nigeria, but rejoined active reporting after about two years. While his interest to report ICT was stimulated at The Comet, his ICT reporting teeth were cut at Policy magazine, where he was ICT Editor for nearly five years.

Agugoesi was Deputy Editor at Nigerian TelecomNews, where he combined the editing of the monthly magazine and Nigerian TelecomNews Weekly and made invaluable input in organizing Nigerian Telecom Fiesta in 2008.

He was the Founding Editor of the disruptive Africa Telecom & IT and represented the company locally and abroad at major ICT industry events, which he covered with an uncommon journalistic gusto. He left the services of Africa Telecom & IT in 2018 to found Cyber Era to which he is also Editor-in-Chief.

Agugoesi is keenly interested in corporate turnaround issues and the application of technology in improving lives and businesses.

He is a member of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, the Joint Action Committee on Information Technology Awareness and Development, JACITAD, Nigeria Information Technology Reporters Association(NITRA), 451 Global Digital Infrastructure Alliance, et cetera and is listed in the following ICT industry publications: Compendium of Nigeria’s Telecommunications Industry and its Players, Nigeria: Players To Watch In The Next Decade Of Telecom Revolution, Nigeria’s Broadband Expansion Programme 2013 And Beyond.

Favorite Quote: “I do not know what I may appear to be to the world, but to myself, I seem to be a young boy playing on the seashore, diverting myself now and then, finding a smoother pebble or prettier shell thanst ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.” Courtesy Sir Isaac Newton of Blessed Memory.


  • Secretary, Comfort Oboh  Estate Community Development Association(Formerly, Kirikiri Agia Estate Community Development Association), Oct 2018-Till Date
  • Interim Financial Secretary, Kirikiri Agia Estate Residents Association, 2016- Till Oct 2017
  • Secretary, Constitution Review Committee, Kirikiri Agia Estate Community Development Association, Lagos,  2019
  • Diplo Fellow, Geneva Internet Platform 2014
  • Associate, Association of Nigerian Authors, (ANA)
  • Member, Nigeria Union of Journalists(NUJ)
  • Member, Association of West Africa Young Writers, (AWAYW)
  • Member, Music Time in Africa, Rita Rochelle Fan Club, Voice of America
  • Member, Apapa Deanery Catholic Choral Organization (ADCCO)
  • Member, Imo State Blood Donors Association
  • Member, Child Health Advocacy Group (CHAG)
  • Visioner, Legislative Anxiolytic
  • Convener, The Ihiteowerri Think Tank (TITT)
  • Chairman, Constitution Drafting Committee, Apapa Deanery Catholic Men Organisation (CMON)2018
  • Chairman, Ihiteowerri Development Union, (IDU) Lagos Branch 2004 – 2006
  • Member, St. Mary’s Parish Pastoral Council (2008-2015)
  • Vice Chairman, the Church Council, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos  (2012-2014)
  • Deputy Vice Chairman and Head of Mobilisation, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Ajegunle (2010-2012)
  • Member, Board of Patrons, Boys & Girls Brigade of Nigeria, St. Mary’s Parish Chapter, et cetera.
  • Organising Secretary(Print), Nigeria Union of Journalists, Lagos State Council, 1992-1994


Chris L. Emejuru

Chris L. Emejuru, Editor-at-Large

As at 2019, Chris has over 33 years of active ICT experience, 4 at entry or junior levels (1985-89), with the rest spent at senior or management levels. These span the areas of software development, management, communication, web development, networking, hardware and office automation applications. He started out as computer programmer/analyst for an IT firm at Ikeja handling BASIC programming, accounting software projects and student/client training in 1985, joining Resourcery Ltd in Victoria Island, Lagos as a software officer in 1987 and moving up to establish its software department as its first manager, in charge of software development, technical support and training for clients including UNICEF, The British Council and numerous others. He is presently CEO and chief software engineer at Microsoftware Research, Ltd ( since 1996, and an executive affiliate of the international marketing group SFI.

Software and Hardware Details

Chris is proficient in PowerBuilder and SQL (extensive stored procedures, with many developed and installed client/server applications in use today), MS Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, XML, HTML, Frameworks (CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, Node.js, etc), with knowledge of Python, Java, C/C++, Pascal and others. Content management systems (CMS) he has worked with include Concrete5, Drupal and AbanteCart for e-commerce. Relational client/server databases worked with include those from SAP Sybase, Microsoft, Informix, Pervasive, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB, as well as SQLite. In the area of CASE tools he has knowledge of Appmodeler for database design. In the past when MSDOS reigned supreme he was proficient in and created several installed applications using Clipper/dBASE languages along with QuickBASIC. The desktop databases he used then included dBASE, FoxBASE/Foxpro, as well as MS Access. Along with PowerBuilder, he also used UltimADE as a RAD (rapid application development) tool, with knowledge of Netbeans, Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse. Operating systems: Chris presently works in the MS Windows environment (from Win 3.1 to ’95, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and above), formerly in the MSDOS environment, with some knowledge of Linux/UNIX. Code editors used include Brief of DOS days, then TextPad, followed by Sublime Text, Atom and Notepad++ of recent. Utilities used include SideKick and Norton Commander of old, and presently Total Commander. His hardware experience include Intel-based PCs, from the original IBM PC, to the XT, AT, PS/2, clones, to Pentiums, letter-quality, dot-matrix, laser and ink jet printers; scanners, modems and other accessories.

Skills Summary

Software development: This forms Chris’ primary area of specialization, from systems analysis, to design and coding, installation, documentation, testing and technical support and review. He is skilled in ERD (entity-relationship diagrams) for database design and has knowledge of OOD (object-oriented design).

Management: Project management, employee recruitment, testing and motivation. Meeting management. Budgeting and financial control.

Communication: Excellent written and spoken English; technical writing skills. Good in communicating skills and knowledge to others (training).

Web development: Have extensive knowledge of website design and implementation using HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Frameworks, etc. Proficient in use of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, Opera, Google Chrome and other browsers.

Networking: Have knowledge of Windows network hardware (cabling and hubs/switches) and software (protocols, services and adapters) installation and configuration. Some knowledge of Netware and Linux.

Office automation applications: Proficient in use of spreadsheet, word processing, email, database, contact management, presentation software such as MS Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook), Windows Explorer, Lotus 1-2-3, Framework III, Wordstar and WordPerfect of old, OpenOffice and Thunderbird.

Writing and Editorial Background

Chris started writing as far back as junior high school in Lincoln, Nebraska. Some of the ICT-related editing and writing experiences include the following:

Created and maintains the Microsoftware websites and blogs since 2004.

Thesis: “Multi-tier (client/server) database software development in Nigeria—An Examination of Tools” 2004.

Various software user and training manuals (for EPPMS, Printwiser, Techserva, GFSS, MoneyBooks, etc) since 1985.

Consulting editor of PC Focus magazine, 1994.

Created and edited SoftGURU, Resourcery’s in-house company newsletter from 1989 to 1992.

Commercial News USA: 2 feature articles in 1989, “Manager’s Desk” (Spring 1989 ed.) and “State-of-the-Art Clinic” (Fall 1989 edition).

Computing and Computers Monthly magazine: Various articles in several editions 1987-1990; was made a consulting editor.

Daily Times, March 25, 1987: “Computer Programming – Art or Science?” (feature article).

Chris is mostly self-educated, with a BS in Information Technology from St Clements University, and was a computer programming student of Rimax Institute in Lagos, a big name in computer education during its time. He is a member of the Nigeria Computer Society, a CPD (Sybase Certified Developer, on PowerBuilder), an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional, on SQL Server database implementation), and scored Upper Credit in the CPN Foundation Exams. Contacts: Phone: +2348060493440 (SMS/WhatsApp); Snail mail: PO Box 50678 Ikoyi, Lagos; EMail:; Facebook/Twitter: @Lemeechi.

Director, UK Operations

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