Samsung Introduces New PRO Plus And EVO Plus microSD And SD Cards For Advanced Photography And Content Creation


By Godson Umejiego, Correspondent USA

Samsung Electronics America, the leader in advanced memory technology, has unveiled a comprehensive new lineup of memory cards, the PRO Plus and EVO Plus microSD and SD cards, designed for professional and enthusiast photographers, videographers and content creators.

“Professionals and consumers of all kinds want memory cards that make it easy to save and retrieve data while also knowing that their valuable images and video files are protected,” said KyuYoung Lee, vice president of the Brand Product Biz Team at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung’s new suite of microSD and SD cards offer the faster speeds, increased reliability and enhanced durability today’s consumers and professionals need, as well as the ultra-high performance every user wants.”

Optimized for professional use, the new Pro Plus microSD and SD cards provide lightning-fast read and write speeds of up to 160 megabytes per second (MB/s) and 120 MB/s respectively, allowing users to seamlessly capture 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) and Full HD (FHD) videos. The EVO Plus cards offer up to 1.3 times faster performance than the previous generation at 130 MB/s, making them ideal for both enthusiasts and casual users who want dependable and responsive performance for day-to-day usage.

With a 10-year limited warranty, added durability and up to a half-terabyte of storage capacity, Samsung’s new memory cards provide ample storage for 360-degree photos, hours of 4K UHD helmet camera and aerial drone video capture, and more.

microSD Cards

Samsung’s latest generation PRO Plus and EVO Plus microSD cards support an enhanced video speed class rating of V30 and an application performance class of A2 to enable high-quality content capture on a wide variety of consumer applications, from mobile devices and action cameras to drones. Backed by Samsung’s six-proof protection, the microSD line can withstand water, extreme temperatures, x-ray, wear-out, drops and magnetic impact.

Both cards are  now available and are offered in a range of capacities to provide plenty of responsive storage for capturing everyday moments with family and loved ones. The EVO Plus line comes in capacities from 64GB to 512GB (US$18.99 – US$99.99 MSRP). The PRO Plus microSD card is available in 128GB (US$34.99 MSRP), 256GB (54.99 MSRP), and 512GB (US$109.99 MSRP) capacities. Samsung is also offering its latest generation PRO Plus microSD with an optional USB 3.0 Samsung Memory Card Reader (US$39.99 – US$114.99 MSRP) that enables fast and easy data transfer to laptops and a variety of other devices that have a USB port.

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The PRO Plus and EVO Plus full-size SD cards are designed to meet the needs of photo enthusiasts, professionals and content creators alike. These newest-generation SD cards are compatible with a variety of devices, including DSLR, mirrorless and compact cameras, camcorders and PCs, making them an ideal companion for producing and storing high-quality photos and video content. Both PRO Plus and EVO Plus SD cards offer seven-proof protection against shock, water, extreme temperatures, x-ray, wear out, drops and magnetic impact. The new SD cards also come with a V30 video speed class for capturing content in 4K UHD and FHD resolution and for smooth playback when editing videos.

The EVO Plus SD cards is available in capacities from 32GB to 256GB ($8.99 – $39.99 MSRP). The PRO Plus SD Card will be available later this year in capacities from 32GB to 512GB. The PRO Plus SD Card with the USB 3.0 Samsung Memory Card Reader will also be available.

The new PRO Plus and EVO Plus microSD and full-size SD cards feature a reimagined Blue Wave design that gives the cards a fresh new look.

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