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Communications Service Providers Must Transform Themselves To Meet Customers’ Ever-Changing Needs

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for true digitisation as African customers demand a more seamless digital customer experience from their communications service providers, writes PIKIE MONAHENG. It’s no secret that CSPs need to transform their businesses to compete in the continent’s highly competitive communications landscape and deliver the experiences that customers are demanding today. However, digital transformation is a journey, which takes time. And there are many tasks to undertake on the way. So, how do CSPs go about achieving true digital transformation? What are the main challenges...

Mid-Band Spectrum Auctions Impact The 5G Landscape

Mid-band spectrum has been in high demand by mobile and wireline operators both to support 5G rollouts and to underpin private networks for industrial customers. As recipients of CBRS spectrum are leveraging the technology for real-world deployments now, while the C-Band auction was recently completed on January 18, vendor activity and customer deployments will rapidly advance in 2021, writes KITTY WELDONE. US operators have been investing in and building out infrastructure for their 5G cellular networks for several years. They have already launched 5G services for both consumer use cases...
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