Szymon Struszyński To Highlight Virtual Demo Day On June 24, 2024

Head of Acceleration at Rebels Valley

By KoreaTechDesk Writer 

KoreaTechDesk has announced the upcoming edition of its highly anticipated Virtual Demo Day, scheduled for June 24, 2024, at 5 pm KST.

Cyber Era NG learns that this edition promises to be an exceptional event, bringing together leading industry figures and innovative Korean startups.

A highlight of the event will be the participation of Head of Acceleration at Rebels Valley, a distinguished Polish business consultancy renowned for its expertise in cultivating vibrant startup ecosystems Szymon Struszyński.

Keynote Participation: Head of Acceleration at Rebels Valley

Szymon Struszyński is a seasoned leader and strategy expert, known for his pioneering work in fostering innovation ecosystems and driving technological advancements across various sectors. As Head of Acceleration at Rebels Valley, he plays a pivotal role in moderating collaborations between startups and corporations, facilitating the exchange of ideas and the implementation of innovative solutions.

His extensive experience includes spearheading projects for prominent entities in the banking and industrial sectors, where he has demonstrated a keen ability to tackle complex business challenges and drive meaningful transformation. Szymon’s dedication to innovation is further underscored by his involvement in shaping the ORLEN Skylight accelerator programme, aimed at bolstering Central Europe’s green transformation through initiatives in renewable energy, electromobility, and digital transformation. His role as a startup scout and evaluator has also seen him evaluate numerous global submissions and successfully launch multiple pilot projects, making him a pivotal figure in advancing technological innovation and sustainable business practices in Poland and beyond.

Szymon brings a wealth of experience in driving technological advancements and fostering innovation across various sectors. As a mentor at KoreaTechDesk Demo Day on June 24, he will play a crucial role in guiding and mentoring participating startups, offering invaluable insights and strategic advice.

Previous Editions Highlights

KoreaTechDesk Demo Day serves as a pivotal platform for Korean startups aiming to gain global exposure, secure funding opportunities, and forge strategic partnerships. The event has quickly established itself as a catalyst for innovation within the Korean startup ecosystem, showcasing groundbreaking ideas and entrepreneurial talent to an international audience.

Previous editions of KoreaTechDesk Demo Day have attracted renowned investors and industry leaders, facilitating meaningful connections and propelling promising startups onto the global stage. The inaugural edition in April 2024, led by Jan Raczyński’s mentorship, along with the innovative endeavors of Greenish Inc. and Tenatch (AI), highlighted the diverse talent and potential within the Korean startup ecosystem.

In May 2024, the second edition featured three enterprising South Korean startups presenting their innovative solutions to prominent international investors Daniel Csontos, Fintech Engagement Lead at SC Ventures Hong Kong, and Iskander Haouam, Venture Builder and Investments Manager at Namal Impact Investment Capital in Saudi Arabia.

Join Us to Shape the Future of Entrepreneurship

Participants and attendees can expect an engaging lineup of presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities designed to foster innovation and growth. Whether you are an investor seeking promising ventures or a startup eager to showcase your groundbreaking solutions, KoreaTechDesk Virtual Demo Day promises to be an event not to be missed.

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