Sir Richard Branson Commends Aaron Sansoni On Sizeable Donation To Charity

Aaron Sansoni Foundation Co-Founder and Virgin Founder

By Julius Ewudo, ASEAN Region Representative

A renowned philanthropic organisation founded by Aaron and Elena Sansoni, The Aaron Sansoni Foundation, has made a remarkable contribution to UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund. In a record-breaking fundraising event held on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023, at the Wealth Immersion event in Melbourne, Australia, the foundation raised an astounding $217,741 in just two hours.

The Aaron Sansoni Foundation, committed to creating positive change where needed most, has a rich history of supporting charities within Australia. With a focus on reducing barriers and ensuring maximum impact, the foundation covers all operational costs, guaranteeing that every cent goes directly to those in need.

The Aaron Sansoni Foundation partners with a different charity every year and raises funds and awareness through their student and stakeholder network. After a very successful extended partnership with the Monash Children’s Hospital in 2022 and most of 2023, the Aaron Sansoni Foundation committed to a short-term partnership with UNICEF, the world’s largest organisation working for children in over 190 countries. UNICEF’s mission is to build a better world for every child, providing vital resources such as clean water, life-saving food, vaccines, education, and protection from violence.

“We are proud to partner with UNICEF and aim to raise as many funds and awareness as possible, with 100 per cent of every dollar raised going directly to UNICEF,” said Chairperson of the Aaron Sansoni Foundation Aaron Sansoni,.

“We feel blown away by the generosity of our Empire Circle students and the spirit of what they were able to do in such a short period of time of only 2 hours to help other people in need,” added Aaron Sansoni.

“And very proud that we’ve been able to build a community of people that were able to connect with their networks and get such massive donations to help a cause that’s needed right away,” he continued.

“We are also excited to have raised the most amount of money in our charity’s history.”

This incredible achievement was made possible by the dedication of 224 of Aaron’s students who participated in the fundraising effort, both in person and online.

In a scheduled visit to Aaron Sansoni’s head office this week, global entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Richard Branson commended the foundation on their efforts to help UNICEF. Photographs of this heartwarming moment depict Aaron and Richard standing of Empire Studios in South Melbourne on Tuesday.

UNICEF has a proven track record of saving countless lives and improving the futures of children in need worldwide. With this generous donation from the Aaron Sansoni Foundation, UNICEF will continue to provide emergency and long-term development programs for children, both in Australia and around the globe.

“Children from around the world, who, at the moment, are in crisis. They’re in need, they’re dying in certain places around the world where they shouldn’t be,” expressed Senior Philanthropy Manager, UNICEF Australia Nicki Barrans,.

“Our teams work so hard to get them the humanitarian aid that they need and this gift is going to make such a significant impact for children. You’ve saved lives, and I can’t thank you enough,” she continued.

“We at the Aaron Sansoni Foundation, like most people, have watched the devastating coverage of war and violent conflict around the world over the last few years, and are acutely aware of the many more war-torn regions that we rarely hear about in the news. We feel shocked and heartbroken to find out that 400 million children around the world are currently living in areas of violent conflict; we felt compelled to help,” concluded Aaron Sansoni.

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