TVbeat Appointed ‘System Of Note’ For Sky Media To Verify Reporting Metrics


By Jonathan Easton

Sky’s ad sales business Sky Media has expanded its partnership with TV inventory and yield management firm TVbeat.

The announcement sees TVbeat appointed as Sky Media’s ‘System of Note’, with the company tasked with ingesting, processing and harmonising data from various sources including household viewership data from set-top boxes and advertising data from the likes of AdSmart and OTT ad-servers.

TVbeat will also calculate key metrics such as reach, frequency, impressions and inventory capacity. In turn, Sky Media will use these independently verified metrics as its primary source for its internal operations and in reporting to media partners.

The deal complements a current long-term agreement between the companies, which sees Sky Media utilise TVbeat’s inventory management and yield optimisation capabilities. Sky also said that this new announcement will contribute to its One Campaign initiative.

Director operations at Sky Media, Martin Leach said: “Expanding our partnership with TVbeat enables us to enhance our relationships with our advertising partners building on TV’s market leading credibility with the provision of independently verified advertising metrics.”

TVbeat CEO and founder Robert Farazin said: “We are delighted to be further deepening our relationship with Sky Media. For some time, TVbeat has highlighted the fundamental need to solve the data challenges at TV media companies to enable them to operate holistically across their linear, addressable and digital ad businesses based on 100 per cent accurate and verified figures.

“The conventional TV measurement and linear data solutions are architecturally and functionally incapable of handling today’s TV data complexity, scale and data interoperability requirements.”

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