Call For Papers: International Conference On Radioactive Waste Management


By Matt Fisher, IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy

Interested contributors have until 5 March 2021 to submit abstracts for the International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management: Solutions for a Sustainable Future, to be held in Vienna, Austria from November 1-5, 2021.

The effective management of radioactive waste is vital for the sustainability of all activities involving nuclear technology, from electricity generation to nuclear techniques and technologies applications in industry, medicine, research and agriculture. A wide range of robust solutions are either already being implemented or are nearing deployment.

The conference aims to foster information exchange on current progress and solutions in the area of radioactive waste management. The Conference will also highlight the effectiveness of radioactive waste management techniques and technologies as currently applied and will contribute to promoting the adoption of good practices and well-integrated approaches for the future.

“The conference will showcase the many ways that countries are successfully managing their radioactive waste through both national and multilateral initiatives,” said an IAEA radioactive waste management specialist and a co-scientific secretary of the Conference, Felicia Dragolici. “Despite the highly technical nature of some of the topics to be discussed, we hope the conference discussions will appeal to policy makers who want to learn more about the management of radioactive waste.”

Topics to be covered will include:

  • national programmatic perspectives
  • implementation of waste management strategies
  • solutions for specific wastes
  • role of the safety case development in supporting radioactive waste management
  • socio-economic aspects of radioactive waste management programmes
  • integrated waste management
  • multinational cooperation in radioactive waste management

The Conference will include panel discussions featuring experts from around the world as well as topical sessions framed by keynote addresses. Side events and exhibitions will also be held to better illustrate the nuances of specific topics. The conference will also give the opportunity to young professionals to attend and present their work.

“Regularly organizing conferences on the management of radioactive waste brings together all interested parties such as regulatory bodies, waste management organizations and industry, to exchange and share experience and progress made in that domain,” said Head of the IAEA Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Management Unit, Gerard Bruno. “It also highlights where efforts have to be made to reach a higher level of safety worldwide in the management of all types of radioactive waste.”

Those wishing to present a paper at the conference – either orally or in the form of a poster – must submit an abstract in electronic format through the Conference’s web-based file submission system (IAEA-INDICO) by March 5, 2021. Paper copies cannot be accepted and the instructions on how to upload an abstract to IAEA-INIDO must be followed closely.

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