Itel Deploys NetRange’s Cloud-based VISNOS Smart TV Platform


By Jonathan Easton

Turnkey smart TV and OTT ecosystems provider NetRange’s VISNOS smart TV app portal has been selected by itel for its new range of sets.

Launching last month, VISNOS is a cloud-powered smart TV platform that is tailor made for low-powered and low-cost TVs which are launching in developing markets.

A way that the VISNOS achieves cost-cutting is by removing the requirement for a browser in the TV – a requirement which typically comes at a major integration effort and cost for CE device manufacturers who are targeting emerging markets.

Instead, the VISNOS software sends remote clicks to a cloud platform and then sends the smart TV UI back to the TV as graphics. Everything is done via a server, and when a user starts video playback VISNOS routes the video back to the TV without the need for high-level processing.

Now, global mobile phone brand itel has chosen the cloud-based platform to power its new range of smart TVs across APAC and Africa.

Director of contents and IOT department at itel, Frank Gao said: “itel’s new Smart TV range is exciting news for viewers who will be able to access a whole range of new content in a budget-friendly way. With a footprint in India, Vietnam and many other territories in the APAC and African regions, itel’s new Smart TV range powered by NetRange VISNOS has the potential to transform the viewing experience for millions of users.”

CEO, NetRange, Tim Schröder said: “The Smart TV market is the fastest growing segment of television but cost can be a barrier to many consumers,” says. “The partnership between NetRange VISNOS and itel successfully overcomes that challenge. Best of all, VISNOS comes pre-loaded with popular local content so viewers don’t have to take out costly ongoing subscriptions to access some of the best content apps, featuring VOD, games, sports, news and other linear channels.

“NetRange’s innovative VISNOS uses the cloud to solve many of the headaches in delivering content and apps across the APAC and African regions, delivering a unique one-stop-shop for content providers and TV manufacturers and ensuring that Smart TV continues to be the fastest growing TV segment.”

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