Digital TV Europe Launches Report On The UI And The Customer


By DTVE Reporter

Digital TV Europe has partnered with Alpha Networks to present a report on editorialisation, personalisation and engagement in user interfaces.

The TV user interface is the shop window of TV services, providing operators with a way to communicate their content proposition directly to subscribers. As content offerings converge and operators look to aggregate multiple apps, the UI is also becoming ever more important as a differentiator in its own right.

But what qualities does a UI home page need to draw customers into the store? And how can TV operators best use the home page to meet their goals?

Digital TV Europe surveyed a broad range of industry insiders for their views on the key elements that make the UI effective as a tool to attract and retain subscribers, the extent to which personalisation of the experience can make a difference and the uses to which the home page can be put by marketing teams. Our in-depth report is now available to view free of charge.

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