What Indians Need To Know Before Boarding Their Flights

…Airport Guidelines, States' SOPs


By Brigitte Fernandes

As the domestic flights will resume from Monday, May 25, the government of India has laid down detailed guidelines for all the passengers in order to have a safe trip. All the passengers need to abide by the directives issued by the government in order to contain the spread of coronavirus during the time of travel. Here is all you need to know while you board and deboard the flights.

Below are the detailed guidelines for all passengers

Security holding area

All Passengers need to proceed to the security hold area after security screening. While waiting at the security area the passengers need to maintain social distancing and follow the sanitization protocols. Chair marked ‘not for use’ should strictly not be occupied. All hazardous material should be disposed of in the ‘yellow-colored’ disposable bin/bags placed at a strategic location at airports.

At the time of boarding

Passengers need to be attentive towards various communication material displayed at airports. Safety kits comprising of three-layered mask and sanitizer needs to be collected from the airlines near the boarding gate. Use the given mask and sanitizer before proceeding to the boarding gate. Identity cards are a ‘must’ for all passengers. Self-scanning of e-boarding pass.

At security check-in

Arrangements have been made at the airports to guide passengers to walk through the pre-embarkation security screening. All the passengers need to do is follow the directions given by the authorities. Only one bag is allowed during the time of travel.

Inside the aircraft

Passengers are strictly instructed to follow the hygiene and sanitation protocols. Minimize the use of toilets and unessential movement in the aisles should be avoided. No meals and newspapers will be provided at the time of the journey. Any passenger feeling uncomfortable or fatigued or has respiratory distress needs to inform the crew members.

Airport to destination

The disembarkation from the airlines would be done in a sequential manner. The passengers need to follow all the instructions given by the crew.

 Airport to destination

The passenger needs to wait at the baggage hold area till the baggage arrives in batches. Transit passengers will not be allowed to move out of the transit area

Airport to destination

Passengers to hire only authorised taxis. on arrival at the destination, passengers to adhere to health protocols as prescribed by the destination state/UT.

State-wise SOPs for all the passengers

The state governments have listed down various Standard operating procedures (SOP) for all the people who will be travelling to various states. All passengers need to follow the guidelines laid down by the destination state.


Assam will quarantine all passengers who will be coming to the state by air once air travel resumes on May 25. However, the pilots and crew members will not be quarantined, even if there is a layover


Karnataka government has decided to put every incoming domestic flight passenger from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh under 7-day institutional Quarantine. Other state passengers will be under home quarantine.

Jammu and Kashmir

All passengers coming to J&K by air/rail will be kept in institutional quarantine for 14 days & tested for COVID 19 using  RTPCR test. If tested negative, they will be sent home, if positive sent to the hospital.


It is very important to ensure that the passengers entering the state of Goa by air are asked to carry a COVID-19 negative certificate with all stringent measures in place. Goa should lead by example in establishing a comprehensive SOP and implementing strict measures.


Citizens of Meghalaya who are coming in by Flights or Trains should register on the COVID Portal. Institutional Quarantine for up to 48 hours till test results are known.


Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel announced a mandatory 14-day institutional quarantine for domestic flight passengers upon arrival


Chief Minister of the state Capt Amarinder Announced 14-Day Home Quarantine For Anyone Coming To Punjab By Domestic Flights, Trains & Buses

Andhra Pradesh

All incoming passengers via domestic flights to be quarantined.States like Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra are yet to decide about the SOP’s as no decision is taken if the states will allow resumption in domestic travel.   https://www.republicworld.com

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