Cybersecurity Has Become A Board Level Conversation: Airtel CISO at IMC 2020

Bharti Airtel's senior VP and global chief information security (CISO) Manish Tiwari said that cyber security is at the top of mind for senior management across companies as work from home and digitisation becomes the new mode of working. Airtel has also seen the demand for inbuilt 24/7 monitoring systems and shift towards cloud based and pay as you use security models. "Cybersecurity had in many ways become a board level conversation, but I think the manner in which it has propelled into a CEOs conversation with the Board is...

Sterlite Technologies Developes End-to-end Multi-band Radio Solution For 5G

Digital networks integrator Sterlite Technologies (STL) Wednesday said it has developed an end-to-end multi-band radio solution for next-generation 5G networks. The solution provides a comprehensive Open RAN (O-RAN) solution spanning across Radio Unit (RU), Centralised Unit (CU), and Distributed Unit (DU), with STL forming a key ecosystem alliance for 5G New Radio (NR) products that are aligned with the O-RAN standards. “With our collective engineering experience on open interfaces across distributed units and radio units (DU/RU), we are directly addressing the all-important issue of vendor lock-ins for RAN infrastructure. STL’s...
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