Shaping IFI Systems: Board Governance And The Way Forward


By Cyber Era NG Special Correspondent

The EBRD Policy Academy is organizing a discussion on Shaping IFI Systems: Board Governance and the way forward, on Thursday June 20, 2024 from 16:00 to 17:30 London time in the Auditorium at the EBRD Headquarters building in London.


–        [3 minutes] Welcome from “Learning for Impact” (Policy Academy) function of Vice-Presidency Policy & Partnerships, Raghavan Narayanan / Lorenzo Ciari

–        [2 minutes] Introductory video by Odile

–        [10 minutes] Introductions from Moderator, Kyle Peters.

–        [10 minute] Presentation by Tom Edmonston-Low: slide presentation to be shared.

–        Panellists Q&A: (30-40 minutes)

§  [20 minutes] ROUND 1: ‘THE QUESTION’: 3 questions and answers to panellists.

§  [20 minutes] ROUND 2: ‘SOLUTIONS’: 4 questions and answers to panellists.

–        [25 minute] Q&A with the Audience: in-person via mics to be distributed, and online via Slido.

–        [5minutes] Closing from moderator, invitation to reception.

1730h – 1900: Reception 12th floor Ante Area

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