TOTEM Deploys Latest-generation Mobile Networks To Provide 5G Coverage For The Upcoming “Line 15 South” Metro Line Of The Grand Paris Express


By Francois Giudice, Bureau Chief, France

CEO of TOTEM France, Thierry Papin has announced the start of TOTEM’s 5G deployment in the tunnels of the future “Line 15 South” of the Grand Paris Express.

Cyber Era NG learns that by the end of 2025, TOTEM will have connected the entire length of the “Line 15 South” with 5G, enabling all operators to connect passengers on the trains and on the platforms of the future line. When completed, this should be the first fully 5G connected Grand Paris Express line of the parisian metro system.

Complex technical operations:

A few weeks ago, TOTEM began installing the 1,000 pieces of 5G equipment that will connect the 16 stations and 33 km of the future “Line 15 South” of the new Parisian metro system. The teams at Société des grands projets, the developer of the Grand Paris Express, incorporated this major industrial project into the design of the future 100 per cent connected metro line.

Deploying a 5G mobile network in the tunnels of a metro is a real technical challenge: it’s an indoor space with a high density of people, movements, and very thick (and therefore wave-impermeable) walls. TOTEM is deploying this pooled 5G network for all operators, working within the technical constraints of the tunnels and meeting the specific mobile coverage needs of all operators.

A growing need for indoor connectivity:

With 80 per cent of connectivity used indoors, TOTEM has positioned itself as the leading TowerCo in this market, connecting underground transport, stadiums, concert halls, and shopping malls.

Mr. Papin says: “Indoor connectivity is a priority for transport players. TOTEM’s operational deployment of 5G in the tunnels and stations of the future Line 15 South of the Grand Paris Express is a major industrial project. I would like to commend the collective work done with the Société des grands projets to make this project a reality for the people of the Ile-de-France region.“

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