AstraZeneca Launches Evinova To Advance Digital Health Solutions


By Alivia Kaylor

AstraZeneca has unveiled a pioneering health-tech business dedicated to accelerating innovation across the life sciences sector, Evinova.    Evinova — positioned as a separate entity within AstraZeneca — aims to deliver advanced digital health solutions to enhance clinical trials and improve health outcomes for patients, healthcare professionals, and regulators.

Evinova’s digital health solutions are globally scaled, evidence-led, science-based, and driven by human experience. With strategic collaborations already established with leading Contract Research Organizations (CROs) Parexel and Fortrea, Evinova is set to offer its cutting-edge digital products and services to a wide customer base in the life sciences and healthcare sector.

Evinova is focused on introducing established and scaled digital technology solutions that have proven successful within AstraZeneca’s global operations. These solutions, already utilized in over 40 countries for multiple clinical trials, aim to optimize clinical trial design and delivery, thereby reducing the time and cost of developing new medicines. Evinova also plans to venture into digital remote patient monitoring and therapeutics, with a robust pipeline of digital innovations in these areas.

Chief Executive Officer of AstraZeneca, Pascal Soriot,highlighted the transformative potential of digital solutions in medicine development, stating, “The future of medicine development can be accelerated with digital solutions.” He emphasized the unique combination of scientific expertise and a proven track record in developing artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled digital technologies at scale that Evinova brings to the table, offering opportunities to fundamentally improve patient care, drive healthcare transformation, and reduce carbon emissions.                                                         

President of Evinova, Cristina Duran expressed excitement about extending the portfolio of globally scaled digital solutions developed by AstraZeneca to the broader life sciences community. Duran emphasized Evinova’s role in advancing digital health by delivering science-based, evidence-led, and human experience-driven solutions to address the diverse needs of healthcare professionals, regulators, and patients.

Evinova’s collaborations with Parexel and Fortrea, along with partnerships with Accenture and Amazon Web Services, are geared toward accelerating industry adoption and expanding the global reach of its digital products. The unit combines AstraZeneca’s clinical and regulatory experience with expertise in digital technology, covering strategy and development, digital product development, data science and AI, user experience design, and behavioral science.

Evinova’s product suite includes the Evinova unified trial solution, designed to improve the delivery of clinical trials by supporting traditional, hybrid, and decentralized models. The suite facilitates the direct collection of primary and secondary endpoint data, including novel digitally enabled endpoints and connected medical devices. Evinova’s study design and planning module leverages AI and machine learning algorithms for optimal study design, cost analysis, and operational feasibility assessments. The portfolio management module offers real-time insights and predictive analytics for comprehensive clinical program and trial management.

Digital health is recognized as a significant solution to reduce healthcare costs while improving patient experience and outcomes. If fully adopted, McKinsey estimates that digital health interventions alone could save the United States healthcare system nearly US$500 billion.

Evinova’s launch underscores AstraZeneca’s commitment to advancing digital health solutions and contributing to transforming the life sciences sector. As the digital health market is projected to exceed US$900 billion by 2032, Evinova is well-positioned to be pivotal in driving innovation and improving healthcare outcomes globally.

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