Sentient Group: A Sentient Approach To Business And Marketing


By Julius Ewudo, ASEAN Region Representative

In a world dominated by artificial intelligence, competition and a growing proliferation of content, achieving true impact, understanding and connection—being ‘sentient’—holds crucial significance.

Successful marketers must be able to comprehend both the operational and commercial aspects of a business.

Sentient Group, a specialised marketing and communications offering fractional CMO support, has been launched today to meet that very need.

“Sentient Group aims to be the missing link between commercial objectives and marketing strategies, utilising brand, marketing, and communications tools to foster genuine individual-business connections,” said experienced Chief Marketing Officer Erin Richardson, Founder of Sentient.

Sentient distinguishes itself by delivering not only strategic insights but also tangible execution across:

• Comprehensive communications and marketing strategies underpinned by market research

• Creative brand development, reinvigoration, and competitive analysis

• Dynamic proactive and reactive media strategies, including crisis management

• Compelling writing and editing, including thought leadership strategies

• Integrated fund and product launch plans and campaigns

• Targeted advertising strategies and expenditure management

• Distinctive events and corporate hospitality initiatives

• Rigorous evaluation of marketing budgets and measurable impacts

“We take pride in offering high-impact support that seamlessly integrates into the businesses’ existing team. Clients partnering with Sentient not only benefit from an experienced and pragmatic approach but also from a proven track record in delivering connection and outcomes, particularly those targeted at high-net-worth individuals and private clients.”

The Sentient brand identity was designed by Studio of Design and Art – (SODAA). The design speaks to an ethos of individual introspection and how individuals create their own meaning. Depending on who is looking at it, the Sentient monogram may appear as two ‘S’, a human brain or a Rorschach/inkblot test.

While Sentient is industry-agnostic, its experience with capital raising, fund development and launches, investor relations, M&A, and high net worth client engagement strategies is pervasive. “We have 15 years’ experience encompassing successful collaborations with private investment houses, prominent professional services firms, government entities, private equity firms and portfolio businesses, funds management companies, private banks, and more,” said Erin Richardson.

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