Hinds County Under Ransomware Attack; Essential Services Disrupted


Hinds County, Mississippi, the state’s most populous county, remains in the grip of a ransomware attack that has disrupted essential services for its residents.

The county’s computer systems suffered a breach on Thursday, causing widespread operational disruptions that have left employees and residents unable to access critical services.

The breach, which affected internal servers countywide, has left government employees unable to connect to the internet on their workstations. As a result, several crucial services are currently unavailable to residents, including purchasing car tags, among others.

County officials have swiftly mobilized to address the situation and are working closely with cybersecurity experts to mitigate the impact of the ransomware attack. While the investigation is ongoing, it remains unclear who is behind the attack and whether any data has been compromised.

Sheriff Tyree Jones of the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that the breach has also impacted their operations. Non-essential staff members have been temporarily suspended as the county grapples with restoring its servers and resolving the cyberattack. However, Sheriff Jones emphasized that emergency services remain fully operational, and residents can still rely on 911 and local police offices in case of emergencies.

Hinds County officials are reviewing their cybersecurity protocols to enhance protection against future threats in response to the breach. They have urged residents to exercise patience as they diligently restore the affected services.

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