Disney And Pixar’s New Film ‘Elemental’ To Show In 4K HDR On Samsung Onyx Cinema LED Screens


By Godson Umejiego, Bureau Chief, The Americas

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., has announced that Pixar Animation Studios has mastered its new animated film “Elemental” — released globally on June 16 — as 4K theatrical High Dynamic Range (HDR) content available exclusively on Samsung Onyx, the world’s first Cinema LED screen. Those who view the film at an Onyx theater will enjoy a more captivating and vibrant viewing experience through next-generation picture quality with 4K theatrical HDR.

Samsung Onyx, the world’s first Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)-certified cinema display for theatrical exhibition, is an LED screen that provides exceptionally vivid color and the most detail-rich content. It transcends the traditional projector-based systems that have been the industry standard for more than 100 years by overcoming limited contrast ratio and brightness, delivering millions of additional colors that traditional projection does not.

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