Telmex Reaches Pay Rise Deal With Staff

Telmex, CEO

By Manny Pham

Mexican operator Telmex reached a settlement with a worker’s union proposing a 5.6 per cent rise in pay after almost a year of disputes with striking employees.

Reuters reported that Mexico’s labour ministry, mediating between the telephone workers union and Telmex, said in a statement that the agreement was reached after extended negotiations.

The pay increase would be applicable to staff and those retired earning less than MXN1,185.06 (US$68) per day. Employees earning about that rate would receive a fixed fail increase of MXN66.36. Around 30,000 current and retired staff will now vote on the deal.

The union also demanded Telmex hire more workers to support under-supported staff, which the operator moved forward with by hiring 1,942 staff, and in January “begin an analysis” on covering 200 new vacancies, said the government.

Telmex had an offer batted away in September. Staff began industrial action in July 2022 by picketing outside Telme’s head office in Mexico City in July last year.


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