OpenAI CTO’s Twitter Account Hacked To Promote Crypto Scam

CEO of OpenAI

By Kyle Torpey

A phishing scam targeting the followers of  the CTO of OpenAI, Mita Murati has been exposed by crypto enthusiasts on Twitter. The scammer hacked Murati’s verified account and posted a link to a fake website that claimed to offer a free airdrop of OPENAI tokens, supposedly linked to the AI firm behind ChatGPT. The tweet had restricted replies and was viewed by over 79,000 people before it was deleted.

The website looked similar to a legitimate project called ChainGPT, but with a malicious twist: it asked visitors to connect their crypto wallets and sign deceptive requests that would allow the attacker to drain their funds and NFTs. A security researcher from Beosin, a blockchain security company, warned about the dangers of the wallet draining kit used by the scammer.

This incident comes as OpenAI announced a US$1 million grant program for AI-driven cybersecurity projects. The firm aims to use artificial intelligence to automate and improve various aspects of cybersecurity, such as vulnerability patching, social engineering prevention, and user education.

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