Wizard Of Ops Launches Innovative Real-Time Fintech Solution For Options Dealer Positioning


An innovator in options dealer positioning visualizations, Wizard of Ops  has announced Volland, a four-tier dashboard service to match various trading needs.

The launch of the newest tiers satisfies the massive demand from day traders observed by Wizard of Ops.

There has been a lot of speculation about same-day option trading (0DTE) and its impacts on day traders and the economy overall,” notes founder Jason DeLorenzo. “The new tiers of Volland will lift the veil and finally give an accurate picture of the impact of these very popular products.”

Day trader Gaurav Khatri remarks, “Volland was THE missing link for timing the markets accurately. The sheer quality and accuracy of Volland data is mind-blowing. I can time any duration of trade from 5 minutes up to even 5 months. Volland Live is a total game-changer.”

The original tier was first launched on July 18, 2022. Now known as Volland Basic, this tier updates once per day after regular trading hours. This level is designed for the intermediate or long-term trader who is using Volland to supplement their fundamental or long-term theses.

Swing trader Luis I. Cortés shares, “Volland has helped take my swing trading to the next level. It is now easy to understand what levels will be protected by dealer hedging. Volland has helped increase my trading success rates with concepts like magnets and support/resistance that are based on real math and analysis of the market deal flow and securities greeks, versus price action or moving averages.”

The first new tier, Volland Live, updates every 5 minutes during regular trading hours. This level is designed for the tick trader staring at their screen with their finger on the trigger waiting for signals.

Also designed for day traders, the second new tier is Volland 30. This level updates every 30 minutes during regular trading hours. Volland 30 is for traders looking for a bullish or bearish bias and to see how dealers would react to market moves. Users of this tier can gauge if a trading day will be a trend day, mean-reverting, boring, etc. In some regimes, Volland 30 traders can develop targets.

Paul Choi is a subscriber with a depth of trading experience including 10 years as a bank prop trader and 10 years as a macro strategist. He is currently a hedge fund trader. Paul notes, “Understanding market-maker flows has always been an inference-driven exercise in my prior roles with a lot of guesswork. Volland removed all the guesswork (and judgment risk) from my process around understanding likely market reactions to certain levels and volatility environments.”

The final new tier, Volland 3, is seen as an improvement for swing traders. This service updates at approximately 11:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and 7:00 p.m. Eastern time. Volland 3 helps with effective entries and exits on days when traders are looking to execute their swing trades or if they are short gamma in a swing trade.

Existing subscribers to the dashboard service have used Volland Basic to help find success in their trading ventures from its inception. Futures trader Cristina Cox of El Fondito raves, “Gone are the days of relying on subjective and random lines on a chart. I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the intricate workings of the markets, unveiling their true nature and the underlying motivations driving their actions.”

Retail trader Kevin Wisener agrees. “The ability to see where the Dealers’ Hedging Requirements are has been incredible. “My trading before was the usual scalp at support/resistance by using technical analysis. I would win some and lose more. Once I started using Volland then it taught me to be patient and wait for the setup. Other times it taught me to not trade at all in order to not force a trade. The ability to look at the overall picture of where the dealers need to hedge has been beneficial in developing a thesis of bull, bear, or neutral. It’s been amazing how the price has reacted to these levels spot-on.”

Today, the three new tiers of the dashboard service debut for public subscription.

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