Viettel implements Ericsson Expert Analytics To Enhance Customer Experience

Deputy Director of Viettel Networks

By Oystein Bergmann, Bureau Chief, Scandinavia

Ericsson (ERIC) has  announced the successful implementation of Ericsson Expert Analytics on the Viettel network which will empower Viettel to improve its 4G quality of service and drive customer experience to an entirely new level.

Ericsson Expert Analytics is a powerful data analytics toolset that enables Viettel to capture not just data, but insights to help deliver data-driven operations and decision-making, leading to improved services that drive growth and revenue. This telco data analytics solution supplies insights into service experience and behavior that can drive decisions and automate actions.

Deputy Director of  Viettel Networks Nguyen Thi Tam says: “Delivering high-quality customer care is at the heart of our business. The implementation of Ericsson Expert Analytics gives us the optimal tools to monitor the end-to-end customer experience for Mobile broadband and VoLTE and to proactively make adjustments as issues arise. This will enable Viettel to resolve customer care issues in a faster and more efficient way than was previously possible. As a result, the end-user experience will be greatly improved.”

Head of Ericsson Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos Denis Brunetti says: “Ericsson Expert Analytics is supported by use cases, technologies and deep expertise that span mobile consumer services like Mobile Broadband and VoLTE. Ericsson Expert Analytics will empower Viettel through data-driven operations and decision-making which leads to satisfied subscribers and enterprise customers and overall better business outcomes.”

The EEA solution, part of Ericsson’s Business and Operations Support Systems portfolio, will help Viettel predict user satisfaction, detect issues impacting service experience and service quality, understand root causes, create clear and insightful dashboards and automatically take appropriate action to improve experience and operational efficiency. Complex event processing and unique metrics reveal, for instance, interruptions in voice services, and advanced traffic analysis can assure service quality before issues impact service experience in increasingly complex circumstances. Troubleshooting time to resolve incidents has been considerably reduced by eliminating many manual interventions for example from 30 minutes to one minute.

To optimize service experience, Viettel has consolidated insights from several tools to a single tool that can immediately detect incidents within 15-40 minutes and deliver enriched notifications. Further, the prioritized notification routing and service decisions it creates can expedite resolution for high value service segments.

Ericsson’s deep domain expertise, based on years of research and work with leading Communication Service Providers around the world using Ericsson Expert Analytics, is embedded in the newly implemented solution, providing superior data models and business rules to drive actionable insights from big data.

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