Applications Invited For The 5th EBRD And CEPR Research Symposium “The Geopolitics Of Trade”


Interested participants are invited to submit a paper to the 5th EBRD-CEPR Research Symposium on the geopolitics of trade.

The symposium will provide a platform for researchers and policy makers to discuss new research findings and to identify areas where further academic and policy-oriented work is needed. Papers are invited on the following – non-exhaustive – list of topics:

  • International trade, interdependence and conflict
  • Global value chain disruptions
  • International finance, capital flows, and geopolitics
  • The war on Ukraine and trade diversion
  • The economic effects, design, and circumvention of trade and financial sanctions
  • The effects of sanctions on regime stability and domestic support
  • The trade impact of war at the national and international level
  • The political economy of sanctions in implementing countries
  • Energy security, transport networks and control of supply routes

The symposium will feature a Keynote Address by Prof. Shang-Jin Wei (Columbia University).

Accommodation expenses will be covered for speakers and discussants. Travel expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with CEPR’s expense guidelines.

To submit a paper (full papers only), please send an email to Lucie Newman at

Submission deadline is February 19, 2023

The conference will be held at the EBRD, 5 Bank St, London, E14 4BG, United Kingdom. The conference programme starts on Monday noon (June 12) and ends on Tuesday afternoon (June 13). An invitation-only conference dinner will be held on Monday evening.

Organising and programme committeemembers include:

Cevat Giray Aksoy (EBRD and King’s College London)

Cagatay Bircan (EBRD and UCL)

Meredith Crowley (University of Cambridge)

Ralph De Haas (EBRD, KU Leuven, and CEPR)

Douglas Irwin (Dartmouth College, NBER and PIIE)

Beata Javorcik (EBRD, Oxford University, and CEPR)

John Morrow (King’s College London)

Gianmarco Ottaviano (Bocconi University and CEPR)

Petia Topalova (IMF)

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