CPH2 Appoints Paul Cassidy As Director And CTO


By Edward Laity

Green hydrogen technology and manufacturing company CPH2 has appointed Paul Cassidy as its new Director and Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

Cassidy’s roles are expected to be effective from March 22.

Joining from Johnson Matthey Catalyst Technologies, where he was Technology Manager, Cassidy has knowledge in the engineering and technology field and experience in the methanol industry and its linked applications in hydrogen-based technologies and markets.

Cassidy said, “CPH2’s technology will play a crucial role in the evolution of the hydrogen sector in the UK and globally.

“Both the management team and engineering team have grown significantly in the past year, and I look forward to supporting CPH2’s roll out of the MFE.”

As CTO, Cassidy will be focused on getting the Membrane-Free Electrolyser™ (MFE) into production for both CPH2 and license holders.

CPH2 developed MFE to produce hydrogen faster, more reliably and more cost effectively than other electrolysers.

CPH2 will continue to work with Fabrum’s Technical Director, Hugh Reynolds, who was appointed to assist the company on a part-time basis following a development agreement between the two companies.

The agreement was made for the purposes of the technical development of the company’s MFE, with Fabrum providing technical support to accelerate the final developments.

CEO of CPH2, John Duffy said, “The hydrogen market continues to grow and is part of the solution to meeting the world’s future energy demands and the Paris Agreement. As the sector develops, we too will continue to grow as a company, hiring experts such as Paul.”

A Successful Ecosystem for Green Hydrogen – London

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