Tiny Biotech Stock Wins US$75 Billion Patent


Cytarbine.  That’s the name of the most popular drug doctors prescribed last year to fight leukemia.

Problem is, Cytarbine is a “chemical drug” that was patented almost 60 years ago. Chemical drugs are like nuclear weapons. Drop them inside your body and everything gets destroyed. It’s why people say, “the chemo will get you before the cancer does.”

It gets even worse…

75 per cent of all cancer drugs sold by Big Pharma are old chemical drugs like Cytarbine.

Well guess what?         

On September 10, 2018, a tiny Cambridge biotech firm won a patent on a new kind of treatment that can “Cut & Paste” any disease from your body.

It’s like this tiny biotech invented the iPhone while Big Pharma is still selling flip phones.

And our research proves that anyone who gets in today could to see a 46,751 per cent return (or more)!

The Big Pharma companies that have the most to lose from this new treatment are Bristol Meyers, Pfizer, Sanofi, Novartis and Teva.

Sanofi has their own new drug on the market. Pfizer bought Array Biopharma, which we recommended. That leaves Novartis, Teva and Bristol Meyers.

We think Bristol Meyers is the most likely buyer because their new leukemia drug flunked out of FDA trials.

A deal could happen any day.

A takeover of the company could hand investors gains of up to 31,250 per cent in the next 90 days…

But we would be ok if there wasn’t a deal.

That’s because Investor’s Business Daily estimates this is a US$75 billion market.

Yet right now, its stock price is just a tiny fraction of that size.

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