GLOBAL: Fincantieri Scores Second Cable-Laying Vessel Order For Prysmian Group


By Lesley Bankes-Hughes

Italy’s Fincantieri has been awarded another contract to design and construct a fuel-efficient cable-laying vessel featuring a battery pack for the energy and telecom cable systems specialist, Prysmian Group.

The second contract, valued at €200 million(US$208.10million0, follows the delivery of the Leonardo da Vinci in August 2021, which at the time was described as the world’s most advanced cable-laying vessel.

The new vessel, scheduled for delivery in 2025, will undertake advanced subsea operations. The cable-layer, including the main systems and equipment, will be built by Vard Group’s production network.

State-of-the-art performance, such as the load capacity and the navigation speed, will significantly reduce the number of cable installation campaigns needed, thus enabling an overall decrease in CO2 emissions and a drop in fuel consumption of approximately 40 per cent compared to today’s standards.

In addition, high efficiency propulsion systems, including a battery pack for a total power of 3 megawatt, will cut nitrogen oxide emissions by 85 per cent.

CEO Prysmian Group, Valerio Battista,commented: ‘The development of smart and sustainable power grids infrastructure is key to enable the energy transition, and submarine cables are an essential component. As global leader we are fully committed to technology innovation and we are happy to partner with a worldwide leader in the construction of vessels like Fincantieri and Vard to improve also our installation capabilities.’ https://www.bunkerspot.com

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