The Annual Washington DC Telecommunications & Media Forum Holds December 13-14

IUC DG, Lynn Robinson

By Cyber Era NG Staff

The International Institute of Communications (IIC) has announced its annual Washington DC Telecommunications & Media Forum will take place on 13-14 December, and that it will be hosted by Verizon.

This is according to a heads-up sent to us by the Director-General of IIC, Lynn Robinson. Coming on the heels of its extremely productive International Regulators Forum and Annual Conference in Ottawa earlier this month, IIC says it delighted to continue the face-to-face discussions and interactions at its final meeting of the year.

Keynote speaker is Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Strategic Alliances, Verizon Communications, Donna Epps.

Speakers include:

  • Senior Vice President for Public Policy, Comcast Corporation, David Don
  • Head of Office and Vice President, Government, Affairs, North America,, Nokia, Grace Koh
  • Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Information and Communications Policy, Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy, US Department of State, Stephan Lang

Topical themes for discussion include:

  • Updates from US Government – national and international priorities
  • Broadband ‘everywhere’ rollout – supply and demand perspectives
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning – in pursuit of good governance
  • Content & digital entertainment in global markets
  • Tech & sustainability – balancing green and digital transformation
  • Multilateral and bilateral cooperation on tech policy, regulation and supply chains

The Forum will be held under the Chatham House Rule.

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