A Single Regulation For Telecommunications Antennas In All Mendoza Municipalities Advances


By Government of Mendoza

Mendoza advances in the agreements with all the municipalities to regularize and order the internet and telecommunications antennas. The objective is to provide a common regulatory framework that guarantees the progress of infrastructure while respecting the environment and urban planning and that also provides a clear framework for action by companies.

To achieve this, a model ordinance was drawn up, which combines criteria between the departments of Mendoza. The Director of Innovation and Economic Development, Federico Morábito, and the Undersecretary of Industry and Commerce Alejandro Zlotolow, presented the model ordinance to representatives of Godoy Cruz and Luján and will continue to hold these meetings with all the municipalities.

“Connectivity is a lever for sustainable economic development, which promotes technological innovation and digital transformation processes in citizens and companies in all value chains and throughout the territory,” said Morábito.

“What we are proposing is a model ordinance with common criteria,” he added. For his part, Zlotolow explained that the idea is that the procedure managed by the operators be done with the Ticket system, which guarantees follow-up, transparency and uniformity of criteria.

“We propose that the procedures be digital via the Ticket Mendoza system. An agreement is signed between the provincial government, municipalities and companies”, Morábito expanded.

In this way, there will be coordination between the Secretary of the Environment and Territorial Planning of the Provincial Government, the Ministry of Economy and Energy and the departments, with annual investment plans by company and municipality.

In the model ordinance of the municipal regulatory framework on the installation and permanence of telecommunications and mobile telephony antennas, the environmental impact assessment of the antennas, the administrative processes and compliance with the current regulations imposed by the competent national technical organizations will be taken into account (Enacom).

The admissible parameters for the health and safety of neighbors, height and location of structures such as tower, mast, monopole, pedestal, or fixed link on existing buildings and new antennas will also be controlled.

The new structures must be integrated and mimic the environment where they are installed so as not to alter the architecture and the urban semblance, and the final authorization will be done through a single window, under the premises of speed and simplification.

Finally, it is proposed to create a Single Registry of Telecommunications Service Operators (OST) to control compliance with all quality, safety and environmental standards. Those who do not appear in this registry will be considered clandestine operators and will not have permission for installations.

Operators will have a clear regulatory framework and the obligation to adopt as a reference the national safety standard for exposure to radio frequencies between 100KHz. and 300GHz stipulated in Resolution 202/95 of the Ministry of Health and Social Action of the Nation.

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