Indian Sustainable Fashion Brand Goados Creating Waves Globally With Khadi

By Apparel Resources

Goados is an Indian brand focused on creating sustainable apparel using natural indigenous material like Khadi– with an emphasis on the continued sustenance of traditional Indian crafts and techniques.

Founder of Goados, Sanah Agrawal said “Our organisation’s aim is to promote sustainability, and its two pillars, which are environment and the continuation of India’s traditional arts and crafts.”

She further shared that the goal is to alter the perception of these textiles and techniques since they have umpteen modern applications both in India and worldwide.

Sanah added “We think the behaviour change starts early and if they start using these sustainable items and practices early on in life, then they and their generation as a whole will develop into better consumers overall.”

She also shared that India is very promising market for sustainability concept and product innovations, adding “I don’t believe that sustainable fashion has to be a niche or that one needs to pay a high price to have a sustainable wardrobe; we are attempting to make these items accessible and creating collections with affordable pricing.”

She concluded that “Khadi is having a resurgence and resurrection as a fabric with more brands opting to incorporate the material into their collections. My major objective is to protect the two pillars that is these arts and crafts and to support the craftspeople so that they can continue to practise these age-old techniques while contributing to fix global issues and customer satisfaction.”

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