True, DTAC Merger Hits Regulatory Wall


By Manny Pham

Board members of Thailand’s telecoms regulator ruled that True and DTAC did not submit enough evidence to showcase how their merger will not stifle competition in the Thai market, a significant blow to the dragged-out merger.

In a translated statement, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication agency said all five board members agreed information submitted by the operators was “incomplete” and “is not complete and comprehensive enough”.

There are still used to explore multiple areas of the merger to prevent monopolistic acts and unfair competition in Thailand’s telecoms sector.

It is not looking bright for the merger which has seen multiple roadblocks since being announced in November 2021. The companies expected to complete the merger in Q1 this year but have met heavy resistance.

AIS, the country’s leading operator by subscribers claimed the merger of its rivals would diminish competition, and reduce choice, promotions and after-sale services for customers. 

The Bangkok Post reported, that the NBTC subcommittee voted 10 to one against the merger stating it could have an adverse effect on Thailand’s GDP, considering how intertwine connectivity services and Thai citizens have become.

If the merger goes through the combined identity of True and Telenor-owned Dtac, will have a subscriber base of 50 million, a lead of six million over current market leader AIS.

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