Quintillion Plans Cable To Connect Japan To The Arctic


The planned Japan-Washington State Trans-Pacific Cable System (JAWS TPCS) will provide a diverse and low-latency connection between the United States and Japan, as well as onward connectivity to Asia-Pacific destinations. In addition, it will enable interconnection with the existing Alaskan network. All of which will be achieved using a new submarine cable system, extending from a new branching unit (to be placed along the JAWS-TPCS to the Phase I Nome branching unit).

Once complete, this cable will connect Alaska to the Pacific Northwest at a new Cable Landing Station (CLS). This will create a geographically diverse fiber ring around Alaska, thus establishing redundancy and resiliency to North American telecommunications routes.

Additionally, the system will have the potential to provide fiber optic capacity to US government clients located at Shemya Island. This connection will be a unique low latency cable traffic path for Alaska and the US North Pacific to Asia.

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