CISOs Connect™ Announces Winners of the 2022 CISOs Top 100 CISOs (C100) Recognition

The CISOs Top 100 CISOs (C100) Award

By Cyber Era NG Staff

The Esteemed CISO Board of Judges of the CISOs Top 100 CISOs (C100) Recognition, a first of its kind peer-to-peer honor given by CISOs Connect™, have announced the winners of the award which commends the preeminent security leaders across North America. CISOs Connect is an exclusive membership-only community for enterprise security executives.

“Congratulations to the C100 winners,” said Florida Crystals VP & CISO, Christine Vanderpool. “With over 500 applicants, I can tell you there were so many deserving recipients. As a first of its kind peer-to-peer award based solely on transparent criteria, the top 100 CISOs are truly exceptional leaders in our field, in the work they do, and in their commitment to give back.”

The C100 recognition honors the top 100 CISOs across industries who are experienced, proven leaders who share their expertise with others to continue to give back to the industry to further secure and protect organizations in the US and globally.

The Esteemed CISO Board includes:

Rockwell Automation VP, Global Security and CISO Nicole Darden Ford

Dollar Tree Stores SVP & CISO Kevin McKenzie

Florida Crystals VP & CISO Christine Vanderpool

Freddie Mac SVP & CISO Betty Elliott

Kraft Heinz CISO Ricardo Lafosse

Markel Corporation CISO & Chief Privacy Officer Patricia Titus

NFL CISO Tomás Maldonado

Otis Elevator Co. CISO Mario Memmo

Truist CISO Howard Whyte

University of Chicago Medicine CISO Les McCollum ll

ServiceTitan Sr. Director & CISO Cassio Goldschmidt

World Fuel Services VP & CISO Shawn Bowen

“My CISO peers and I are exceptionally proud of the winners, as these esteemed individuals represent some of the best in our discipline. We received many outstanding nominations, however those awarded truly stood out for their leadership, character, and contributions to our field” said University of Chicago Medicine, Les McCollum ll,. “It was important for me and the board that the awardees represent how a CISO can be a critical executive resource, successfully lead their organization through strategic change, and are viewed as an expert in our domain. Finally, when selecting the winners, there was an emphasis on how these individuals give back to the community, industry, and the next generation of security professionals. The 2022 C100 awardees are an incredible group.”

In addition to the criteria to nominate being transparent, the process by which the Esteemed Board of Judges made the final determinations and the Board itself is public. Nominations were self-submitted and by third parties on behalf CISOs who met the established criteria.

Criteria included being in the role of CISO (or equivalent) and at an end-user enterprise or organization for at least five years, with involvement and leadership roles in professional organizations, security-related volunteering and activism, as well as teaching and mentoring future cybersecurity professionals across functions being benchmarks strongly considered amongst others.

There is no fee or financial requirement at any point associated with the C100 awards.

The Board of Esteemed Judges in addition to honoring the Top 100 CISOs in the United States have awarded their peers, Kevin McKenzie, Dollar Tree Stores SVP & CISO the CISO Visionary Award and Patricia Titus, Markel Corporation CISO and Chief Privacy officer the CISO Trailblazer Award.

Kevin exemplifies the Visionary Award which honors a person whose work epitomizes someone with exceptional foresight and vision, furthering cyber security and elevating the CISO role. Kevin is someone who understands not only today’s challenges but has the foresight to look towards the future. He is an innovative and transformational executive who understands the intersection between business and technology while nurturing future generations of security professionals.

Patricia personifies the Trailblazer Award, which honors a person who is forging new territories for growth in the role of cybersecurity professionals. She is someone who elevates the role through her expertise. Because of trailblazers like Patricia, the CISO role has evolved beyond recognition over the past decade. She has helped move you and your peers into the boardroom as CISOs are increasingly essential business leaders.

As a fundamental part of their mission to support and recognize the CISOs unceasing efforts to safeguard their enterprises and organizations globally, CISOs Connect™ partnered with the following organizations to make the C100 possible:

Black Kite            

Zero Networks

Morgan Franklin Consulting

Aqua Security


Lynx Technology Partners

Stellar Cyber

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