Sedric Named One Of The Most Promising Startups By Citi And Visa


By Godson Umejiego, Senior Correspondent, USA          

An AI-based compliance excellence platform for next-gen fintechs, has announced it was selected as one of the most promising fintech startups in Israel. Voted on by leading VCs and financial institutions, including Citi and Visa, the award reflects the company’s continued growth and successful track record of supporting the expansion of fintech firms by ensuring compliance with evolving global regulations.

Sedric’s innovative compliance platform tackles some of the most complex issues facing fast-growing fintechs. As customer protection regulations tighten across jurisdictions, companies are realizing the importance of investing in advanced solutions to ensure customer protection, brand integrity, and business growth. Sedric fills the market void with offerings tailored to the needs of customer-centric, fast-paced brands.

“On behalf of the selection committee, I want to congratulate Sedric on being recognized as one of the most promising startups in the market,” said Global Head of External Innovation and Venture Investing at Citi Innovation Lab, Ornit Shinar. “Sedric stood out from a very competitive group of startups and was selected by some of Israel’s leading venture capitalists for its compliance excellence platform for next-gen fintech companies.”

The company also announced several new partnerships with leading communication platform providers, including Aircall, Twillio, and Zendesk. With Sedric’s solution adding a compliance layer to these major platforms, contact centers serving financial services organizations can now keep communications compliant, effective, and risk-free across all channels while improving customer experience. The AI-driven insights that Sedric delivers enable sales and customer service leaders to continuously improve the performance of their client-facing teams and the overall customer experience.

“It’s an honor to partner with leading communication platform vendors,” said Nir Laznik, Co-Founder and CEO of Sedric. “With the growing scrutiny on customer communications by regulators across the globe, industry leaders like Aircall, Twilio, and Zendesk are leveraging our state-of-the-art platform to help their clients stay compliant with changing regulations and reduce their operational risk. We’re proud to help their clients serve organizations in financial services and other regulated industries while protecting compliance and improving customer satisfaction.”

Sedric recently earned its SOC 2 compliance certification. “The SOC 2 certification highlights our ongoing commitment to ensuring data integrity and operating with the highest level of security,” added Laznik.

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