Co-Founder And CTO Of Customerization Honoured As The Inspiring Entrepreneur 2022 By CIO Views


Co-founder and CTO of a Toronto based business automation consultancy, Customerization,  Anton Tchernikovsky has been honored as the Inspiring Entrepreneur 2022 by CIO Views.

CIO Views is a platform that provides interesting insights on business, technology and innovation along with informative reads from inspiring personages that focuses on their success stories.

Anton believes that success for Customerization is based on how well the team you build is empowered to develop the best solution for clients. A technology company won’t grow and scale without having more than just the CEO being capable of delivering solutions.

Anton states, “So, I strive to hire the best people who are knowledgeable, creative, and customer-focused team members that truly care about our clients’ success. Creating this type of team means we will be able to help our customers leverage digital technology to automate and scale their business creating a competitive edge.”

“We don’t make the software customers choose, we make the software customers choose work best for them. There is a big difference in always being focused on the outcomes and goals that customers have; at Customerization this is our specialty,” shares Anton.

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