Artificial-Intelligence based technology tools help the hiring agencies in speeding up the recruitment process to a great extent. However, it requires job-seekers to go through the tedious process of scouting for the jobs, across different job portals. Jobsgaar, an AI-based hiring agency, says, its search algorithms are unique and enable applicants to find the job that suits their skills and mindset even without having to apply for it. Analytics Insight has engaged in an exclusive interview WITH MOSHE JACOB, Co-Founder, and CTO, Jobsgaar.

ANALYSTICS INSIGHT: Kindly brief us about the company, its specialization, and the services that your company offers.

MOSHE JACOB: Jobsgaar is the first startup to match employers and job seekers, based on the accuracy of the matched candidate to a job. Jobsgaar is also unique in not requiring users to search. Instead, it acts as a smart agent, notifying users of job matches. We achieve this through our proprietary algorithm that matches a candidate’s characteristics with the job requirements. The next version will include machine learning to understand market trends; employer’s needs; and job seekers’ abilities and knowledge. This will enable better matching of candidates to jobs. Our primary goal is to provide ideal candidates for interviews and subsequent selection. Thus, employers can choose the best candidate from several suitable applicants. This approach enables Jobsgaar to become a highly-trusted job-seeking and talent-seeking platform while giving users control over the process. Jobsgaar allows the employer to interview the candidates, send a job offer letter, and hire directly from our platform. Therefore, employers can track the whole hiring process and retain its history. It is the only full-funnel platform to provide this facility.

AI: Please brief us about the products/services/solutions you provide to your customers and how they get value out of it.

MJ: Our primary goal is to connect employers and candidates at the source location, enabling the workforce to find district-level jobs. We provide a transparent omnichannel communication solution. This means we can reach candidates wherever they are, while using simple technology.

Employers can post district-level workforce requirements through a variety of channels, including WhatsApp bot, Android App, Web portal, or IVR telephony. Each of these is straightforward and hassle-free to use. Candidates can explore local opportunities and connect with employers without the need for complex hiring processes.

We achieve this through a fresh, modern, and aesthetically-pleasing platform. Jobsgaar utilizes practical technology, providing a straightforward user interface and a smooth user experience. Jobsgaar’s omnichannel approach ensures candidates and employers can communicate smoothly. This communication extends through the whole hiring process to the point the employer hires a candidate. It also includes conducting interviews and issuing a job offer letter. We are proud of our ground-breaking technology. One-in-three Jobsgaar matched candidates get shortlisted by employers, proving the accuracy and reliability of our algorithm. Indeed, 75 out of 100 shortlisted candidates get interviewed, and two-fifths of these get reviewed for a position. For employers, having 40% of candidates considered suitable is an excellent hiring situation.

Jobsgaar also introduces two significant new services: the encrypted public CV and the private job offer. The encrypted public CV enables candidates, at all levels, to present their CV to specific potential employers of their choice. Encrypted private job offers allow employers to control a job-offer process for potential candidates. Jobsgaar platform gives candidates and employers full control over the hiring process, in a way that no other current platform does.

AI: How is your company helping customers deliver relevant business outcomes through the adoption of the company’s technology innovations?

MJ: We solve the headaches employers have while searching for talent, and help candidates find the right job as quickly as possible. To do this we use a system that takes many decisions from both sides and presents users with relevant only outcomes and conclusions.

We developed a matching mechanism, replacing the search and browse solution most apps use. We aimed to remove the need for tedious searches by candidates and employers. Jobsgaar will do this and notify them when a match is found. This is amazing because it eliminates the need for users (both employers and candidates) to log in repeatedly to look for the matches. Once there is a match, the system will notify the user through all the channels we work with (WhatsApp, App, Web Portal, and phone).

The system works for the user. All the user has to do is keep their phone available and, when there is a match, they receive a notification. It is like having a personal assistant. Moreover, the system ranks the match to increase the chance of finding the right job or talent. This serves our goal of helping both sides find a good job/talent match and achieving it quickly. To date, our fastest match is 43 seconds, and our fastest interview is 57 seconds. Jobsgaar is “the first & the fastest.”

AI: How is ML/AI contributing to making your products and services better?

MJ: Most algorithms use rules to help match candidates and talents to jobs. ML and AI are sets of rules that look at data differently. Instead of looking at any single point of data (a record, or a document), as do simple IFTTT (if this then that) algorithms, we look at the data as a whole, and find patterns within it using ML/AL techniques. The efficiency of the ML algorithm is its speed and accuracy. To make it more efficient, we supplement it with AI, letting our users improve future results by pointing out which suggestion worked best for them. Using ML/AI together with a traditional algorithm, helps us develop a system that not only matches candidates to jobs but predicts a long-lasting relationship (job to the candidate). While doing that, it gives both sides a DSS (decision support system) methodology to help them make the right decisions.

AI: Predictions, the Promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

MJ: In the future, machines will replace humans for many tasks, and many people view this as a negative. However, some tasks are more suited to machines, including processing huge amounts of data. Also, humans find it challenging to define the correct path between data entries. For instance, humans can only process and analyze 7 items +/- 2. With machines, in comparison, it is in the hundreds of thousands. Machines not only do this task well but can repeat it millions of times. They are also excellent at making predictions or suggestions based on previous references. Jobsgaar does just this when assessing a candidate’s job satisfaction and the talent an employer is looking for.

We’ve also developed some other wonderful products as part of our portfolio solution. These not only help predict satisfactory values for both candidates and employers but also entire career paths of candidates and job paths for employers.  So, yes, prediction is the promise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and also the promise of Jobsgaar. Download our App, register yourself, and stay tuned to look at what the future of job matching and Career Tech will look like.

AI: What are some of the challenges faced by your company today?

MJ: We find the technical elements of our solution straightforward. It is the human aspect that presents challenges. Our main challenge involves our users and educating them on how to use the platform. For example, the process of making a match to an employer hiring the candidate is known as the “hiring funnel.” Part of this funnel is our smart secretary calling both sides to organize the interview. We need to inform our clients to expect these calls to ensure both parties attend the interview.

Having identified this challenge, we swiftly developed and integrated a personal assistant IVR solution into our product to ensure candidates are prepared for the interview. This solution is an example of our agility; we anticipate problems and deal with them swiftly. I am confident we can deal with other challenges with the same efficiency as we dealt with this one. Another example is our hiring of developers. We believe a shortage of talented developers is an issue not just in India, but worldwide. Having analyzed the problem, we have developed a unique solution of an encrypted, private job offer. We’ve integrated this solution into our platform, and it now makes up part of our product suite. This solution eliminates uncertainty and raises confidence in the recruitment process.

Throughout my three decades in the tech industry, I’ve come to understand that overcoming technical problems is more straightforward than dealing with human issues.  Jobsgaar is not merely a technical solution but overcomes the human challenges of the Indian job market.

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