Third Consecutive Record Month For US Streaming


By Jonathan Easton

Streaming in the US recorded its third consecutive record high as a proportion of overall TV viewing time.

According to Nielsen’s monthly The Gauge TV viewing snapshot, streaming viewership accounted for 31.9 per cent of total television consumption in the US in May. This comes after previous record months in April and March when streaming captured 30.4 per cent and 29.7 per cent of total TV viewing respectively.

Of that streaming total, Netflix was the narrow individual winner as it recorded 6.8 per cent of all TV viewing in the country. The streaming leader however was only narrowly behind YouTube, which was at 6.7 per cent. Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max recorded 3.4 per cent, 2.6 per cent, 1.7 per cent and 1.0 per cent respectively, while other streaming providers made up the remaining 9.6 per cent.

Streaming is narrowing the gap to cable in the US, with the latter accounting for 36.5 per cent of all TV usage. Broadcast TV meanwhile accounted for 24.4 per cent of all TV time, and the ‘other’ category makes up the remaining 7.2 per cent.

In terms of TV viewing genre, cable news was down 4.2 per cent from April to 17 per cent, but still remained as the largest portion of cable’s share. Cable sports viewing accounted for 9 per cent and was up by 7 per cent, thanks to the NBA playoff games.

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