Reward System Is On The Way In Shib Metaverse For Shiba Inu Holders


By Anurag Batham           

Shiba Inu has started to make its moves into the metaverse by offering digital land in the metaverse, It also announced its LEASH Tokens.

As per an official post by Shiba Inu, the holders of the currency will soon be able to experience the rewards from recent sales.

As of now, Shiba Inu was trading at a market value of US$0.0000106, down by 0.54 per cent during the last 24 hours.

Shiba Inu To Become The Most Admired Altcoin?

With the introduction of Shib Metaverse, Shiba Inu has started to make moves by offering digital land plots in the digital realm. It also made the announcement to unleash the token LEASH.

As the competition has been growing lately in the metaverse, one the most robust contenders of Shiba Inu in the digital realms has also taken mammoth steps to become dominant in the metaverse.

In the recent blog post by Shiba Inu, more details regarding its metaverse project were unveiled, which includes 100,595 digital land plots, a handful of which will stay private.

The Shiba Inu team also declared a 3 per cent BONE distribution to the holders who will take part in locking the LEASH tokens. The holders will have to wait for 90 days after locking their tokens before receiving the rewards, starting July 2 2022.

Rising Popularity Of Shiba Inu

As of last week, some metrics offered by LunarCrush, a provider of social metrics stated that Shiba Inu is in fact booming in terms of its popularity.

We cannot miss out on the exponential rise in the figures as shown in the chart offered by LunarCrush. The stats clearly shows a whopping 113.5 per cent rally in social dominance, and 45.73 per cent in the social mentions.

This clearly shows how much the folks are admiring the well liked meme coin.

Another metric to take into consideration is the rise in spam volume. I know it’s not a good sign for any project, but given the rising popularity in the Shiba Inu, escalation in frauds shows that attackers already know what’s in the spotlight and what folks are choosing nowadays, says a lot right?

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