FinGoal Launches New Feature: A Data Aggregator Switch Kit


By Godson Umejiego, Senior Correspondent, USA

An insights platform that sits on digital banking and personal financial data, FinGoal has launched their newest offering, an Aggregator Switch Kit. The Switch Kit is a translation layer API that allows any engineering team to fully replace their current data aggregator in less than one sprint.

The process of switching from one aggregator to another is expensive, time consuming, and risky due to possible breakages for end users. Since all aggregators act and look differently, what may have originally been a good fit for some fintechs or financial institutions may not be cutting it anymore. The need for a fast, easy, switch between aggregators is critical in today’s fast paced, innovative fintech marketplace.

FinGoal’s Aggregator Switch Kit makes it possible to switch to account aggregation, enrichment, and account verification solutions that best meet your company’s needs.

FinGoal’s CEO David Nohe says, “You can switch in minutes, not months. You can get whatever it is that is leading you to look at switching your aggregator, and you can get that value much faster. And that usually means improving your costs and gaining access to more reliable and higher quality data right away.”

Key features and benefits of FinGoal’s Aggregator Switch Kit include:

  • Coverage: Get the best, most enriched, and open data available in the industry.
  • Access: Easily share the data across your ecosystem.
  • Cost: Better cost structures for aggregation, enrichment, and account verification.
  • No friction for end users: The switch won’t cause link breakages or outages for end users.

Switch In Six Minutes: A test call to FinGoal’s API takes less than 6 minutes and the switch to full production at scale can take place within days. Fintechs usually only need one sprint to assure the new data is flowing throughout an entire product or platform, something that previously would have taken months.

The team launched their new product with a demo at FinovateSpring, winning the Best in Show of Show award.


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