Homeiku Foundation Publishes First Book


By Ron Chen, Senior Correspondent, ASEAN Region

The Homeiku {Ho-May-E-ku} Foundation has published its first book (titled “El libro de las alabanzas”) in Spain. The foundation has provided the Homeiku method of nurturing people through praise to more than 500,000 people in 18 countries around the world. With the publication of the book in Spain and the launch of their services overseas, the foundation aims to further spread their mission of “making people in 196 countries shine through the Homeiku method.”

Homeiku is an abbreviation for “Praise Education”, which is a Japanese educational method that has been perfected through the combined studies of brain science and psychology along with the educational experience that Mr. Hara has cultivated over the years. This intrinsic method aims to support mental development by educating each individual to maximize their abilities through the power of “praise words”, with the ultimate goal for one to achieve self-fulfillment.

More than 400 companies have implemented Homeiku in their businesses, and the recognition of Homeiku’s success around the world has led to the publication of the book in Spain. The content, which was published in Japan in December 2016 and has been a huge hit with 36,000 copies in 12 printings, has been translated into Spanish and localized for European culture.

The book consists of four sections: 1) The Amazing Power of Praise, 2) Praise that Reaches Others and Praise that Doesn’t, 3) The 12 Rules for Becoming a Good Complimenter, and 4) How to Live a Life of Happiness through Praise. The book is designed to help couples, parents and children, friends, and colleagues improve their relationships with each other, and people who receive encouragement grow and create a cycle of happiness in their lives.

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