Top Engineer Dinesh Radhakrishnan Latest Executive To Quit Ola


By Tarutr Malhotra

Radhakrishnan, whose LinkedIn profile says that he was Ola Electric’s CTO, is the latest executive to abruptly leave the company over the years.

Dinesh Radhakrishnan, who handled critical engineering functions across both Ola Electric and OlaCabs, has quit the mobility unicorn. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was appointed chief technology officer (CTO) at Ola Electric last May.

First reported by Economic Times, Radhakrishnan’s departure is the latest in a series of abrupt departures that have occurred among Ola’s top executives for years. His year-long stint is not abnormal among former Ola department heads.

Last week, head of Ola Cars which handled the startup’s used car business, Arun Sirdeshmukh also announced his departure from the company. Sirdeshmukh’s departure apparently came over a disruption to his role by the group CFO Arun Kumar GR.

In an email to ET, a spokesperson said, “Arun Sirdeshmukh, who was heading GTM has now had to leave. Both his roles (GTM as well as Ola Cars) will now be under Arun Kumar GR as part of his expanded role.”

According to his LinkedIn, Sirdeshmukh had only been hired in April 2021, after nearly five years at Amazon India.

According to reports, Radhakrishnan was deployed to Ola Electric after CEO Bhavish Aggarwal noticed the company was facing software issues that delayed the online booking of its scooters. He was tasked with replacing the functions of Gaurav Aggarwal, who also quit abruptly in October 2021.

  • Editor’s Note: Edited by Anju Narayanan

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