The CTO Of RTFKT Just Confirmed That They Are Building On NFT Worlds


By Ming Hooi

Last Saturday, the CTO of RTFKT Studios, Samuel Cardillo, confirmed that the team is building on NFT Worlds.

NFT Worlds is a fully decentralized, fully customizable, community driven, play to earn gaming platform where world owners can create their own limitless metaverse games or experiences for players or exclusive communities within their worlds.

To be clear, the news came from one of his tweets in response to Twitter user @NFTask, who wanted to know when will the company build on NFT Worlds.

Obviously, only a few managed to notice Samuel’s tweet on a quiet Saturday last week. At the time of writing, RTFKT Studios has not made any official announcement yet. But we have no doubt that words will start to spread like wildfire soon.

An NFT Worlds Genesis Avatar is spotted with the Swoosh logo of Nike who acquired RTFKT Studios.

Are these Nike logos on the Genesis Avatar of NFT Worlds? Source: @SuperUnsexy.

RTFKT Studios x NFT Worlds: What do we know so far

To be honest, details are scarce at the moment. According to Samuel in his tweet, it seems that RTFKT Studios already built one world on NFT Worlds. The only thing is that the company hasn’t announced it publicly. So there are no sneak peeks or clues as to how the RTFKT metaverse will work in NFT Worlds.

But guess what? An eagle-eyed Twitter user @SuperUnsexy has found a subtle hint to confirm the announcement. Apparently, he spotted what seemed like Nike’s Swoosh logos appearing on the t-shirt of one of the NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars, as seen above. To those who don’t know, RTFKT Studios is owned by Nike since December last year.

A booming metaverse for all

With the daily user growth picking up in NFT Worlds, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see popular Web3 companies like RTFKT Studios rushing to build on its platform. In fact, according to the latest roadmap by NFT Worlds, there will be a P2E faucet to incentivize creators across all WORLDS soon. With a diverse portfolio of NFT drops, we can’t wait for the RTFKT Studios to finally announce its entry into the NFT Worlds!

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