O2 Telefonica Sets Up 5G Campus Network For Dataport In Germany


By Juan Pedro Tomás

Dataport and O2 Telefónica have agreed on a cooperation package for the construction and operation of Dataport’s 5G lab

German telco O2 Telefonica said that compatriot IT service provider Dataport is commissioning the first private 5G Standalone campus network in Hamburg for its new 5G test lab.

The 5G campus network is fully designed and built by O2 Telefonica.

With this new private network, Dataport expects its 5G Lab to carry out technology testing of 5G as a broadband, wireless networking technology for large volumes of data. Dataport expects this to boost efficiency and innovation in the field of networking public administrations and smart cities. Dataport said it is making its laboratory available to interested companies and public institutions to gain experience with 5G.

“In Hamburg, we have set up a 5G campus network with our technology partner Ericsson, where Dataport can test the practical application of the transmission technology for public administration. I’m convinced that Dataport will use the 5G lab to very quickly develop many new applications that will benefit the public sector,” said director B2B of O2 Telefónica, Karsten Pradel.

Dataport and O2 Telefónica have agreed on a cooperation package for the construction and operation of Dataport’s 5G lab, in which O2 Telefónica will additionally support Dataport with engineering consulting.

“Our 5G Lab provides Hamburg’s public institutions and companies with a development environment in which 5G applications and solutions can be planned, tested and optimized,” said chairman of Dataport’s executive board and responsible for the solutions division, Johann Bizer.

Dataport’s 5G Lab provides a closed research and development environment where no data leaves Dataport’s premises or the administrative IT network connected to the 5G campus network.

O2 Telefonica noted that Dataport’s 5G lab has network coverage both in the enclosed lab premises and in an open area, which enables the company to test indoor and outdoor applications under real conditions.

In an initial test, Dataport is testing a 5G connection with a high data rate to the state network. The project is intended in particular to determine the extent to which 5G technology can be used to provide faster and more cost-effective access to the state network for new or growing public properties such as schools, city halls or public authorities.

In the future, Dataport could add 5G antennas to interested properties in Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen and Saxony-Anhalt, providing 5G network coverage in these areas, thanks to O2 Telefónica’s core network and Dataport’s own fiber infrastructure.

The German telco said that the 5G campus network, which uses spectrum in the 3.7-3.8 GHz band is being provided by Ericsson.

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