Bobcat Miner Launches Helium 5G Gateway To Mine HNT


By Catherine Sbeglia Nin

Hotspot manufacturer Bobcat Miner is launching a Helium- and CBRS-compatible hotspot that was built using FreedomFi’s firmware. The new device, called the Bobber 500, is set to debut this April, and will mine HNT cryptocurrency, the native cryptocurrency of the Helium Network, by providing both cellular and LoRaWAN wireless coverage.

The Helium Network is a decentralized open wireless network and gateways equipped with blockchain technology that can be used by consumers to mine cryptocurrency. According to FreedomFi’s Co-Founder and CEO Boris Renski, this crowd-sourced cellular model represents a disruption to telecom that is equal to the Internet’s impact on computing.

 “We want to be the trusted partner to hardware vendors and telecom operators looking to navigate this space,” he added, signaling the desire for a long-term relationship with Bobcat Miner, supported by the reveal that all current and future small cells certified by FreedomFi will be compatible with the Bobber 500.

However, FreedomFi’s vision for a decentralized wireless architecture extends beyond the company, as outlined by its CTO and Co-founder Joey Padden: “We may have jump-started the crowd-sourced cellular concept by launching our own gateway and radio, but our ultimate goal is to enable other hardware manufacturers and small cell vendors to adopt open-source software powering decentralized wireless architecture.”

“We’ve worked closely with FreedomFi engineering and security teams to ensure that Bobber 500 meets all quality and security standards required by the Helium data offload partners,” said co-founder of Bobcat Miner, Yiming Wang. “Bobber 500 uses Trusted Platform Module technology to provide hardware-based encryption of all data on the system to ensure maximum capability.”

Last year, Dish Network became the first major carrier to cement the broader interest in Helium Network’s blockchain-based incentive model when it pledged to incorporate the model into its nation-wide 5G network.

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