Baltic Streamer TV3 To Rebroadcast Ukrainian News Channel


By DTVE Reporter

Baltic streaming and pay TV outfit TV3 Group has begun rebroadcasting Ukrainian JV news channel Ukraina 24 on all its platforms in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

To make the channel’s content more accessible, TV3 Group has launched an English language live audio track, while also continuing work on Russian translation, which will be available starting Wednesday.

TV3 Group said it would provide most of the day-time content with translation and would aim to cover more hours after recruiting more interpreters.

Ukraina 24 is joint news channel of Ukraine’s biggest media groups and is currently one of the main sources of information about what is happening in the country. It is available on TV3 Group’s Go3, Home3 and TV3 Play platforms.

The group invited all local media companies to join this initiative by adding this channel to their cable and satellite platforms.

Ukraina24 is available via satellite on Astra 4A at 4.8° East;

At the same time, TV3’s distribution of Russian-produced content is being suspended on all TV3 Group’s platforms and Russian-produced content is being removed from the programmes of the media group’s TV channels.

The initiative close to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus’s western frontiers comes as media companies and regulators globally scramble to support Ukraine’s efforts to resist Russian aggression.

On Monday UK media regulator Ofcom opened 15 separate new investigations into impartiality at the Russian state-owned international news channel RT, while the EU has already said it will ban RT and Sputnik, another Russian channel from broadcasting within its territory.

Today NATPE became the latest programming market to ban Russian companies from its Budapest event in June, following a similar move by RX, operator of the forthcoming MIPTV event in Cannes.

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