Druid Software Integrates Polte Positioning Tech Into Private LTE And 5G Networks


By James Blackman

Core network provider Druid Software has partnered with IoT positioning firm Polte to bring the Texas firm’s ‘cloud location over cellular’ (C-LoC) tech to private LTE and 5G networks, and also to enterprises tracking business assets from private onto public LTE and 5G infrastructure.

Druid Software is packing the C-LoC capability, in pilot work, within the location management function  in its Raemis platform, commonly deployed by enterprises in private networks, whether in on-site in all-edge deployments or in the cloud in hybrid private setups.

Polte’s cloud-based positioning software takes the cell signal from an IoT device, and effectively cross-checks it with a database of global modem signals to ascertain the location of the original module, and the asset it is attached to. It does away with the need for IoT solutions to integrate expensive GPS receivers for high positional accuracy, and outstrips the traditional cellular-only triangulation method for accuracy.

It also shunts all the compute processing into the cloud. A statement said: “Polte simply leverages cloud computing and cellular infrastructure completely over the top of carriers to supply secure, accurate, global location for all devices on a network, indoors and outdoors.”

Polte (previously stylised as PoLTE, to describe positioning-over-LTE) is to “produce the location component” of the location management function (LMF) in the Raemis 5G core and of the equivalent mobile location centre (ESMLC) in the Raemis LTE/4G core, so Raemis runs the C-LoC software.

The move “will facilitate the adoption of location applications for private 4G and 5G networks,” said Druid Software. It suggested the Polte system delivers sub-metre level accuracy within a private indoor network, extending to sub-three metres outdoors, including as industrial assets migrate on to public macro networks.

“This yields enhanced, scalable location intelligence for assets on the move across a wide variety of verticals, creating a host of new use cases for transportation and logistics, healthcare, Industry 4.0 and more,” said Druid Software. The pair are preparing a global proof of concept, focusing first on Industry 4.0 use cases.

Chief executive at Druid Software, Liam Kenny said: “Our enterprise customers invest in private networks for greater security, speed, and control in their operations. The enablement of accurate, real-time location anywhere you need it is a revolutionary value add that allows uninterrupted visibility of assets even after they leave the premises.”

Chief executive at Polte, Ed Chao said: “A rigid compound of traditional location technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi or BLE no longer meets the evolving needs of enterprises. Systems integrators and enterprises can unlock the full potential of 4G/5G positioning through this rapid, flexible deployment of ‘everywhere’ location.”

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