DMS Rolls-out “InMotion Outcome-based Solutions” To The MENA Advertising Market


By Ron Chen, Senior Correspondent ASEAN Region

The digital arm of Choueiri Group DMS recently announced that it would be serving as the Exclusive Media Representative for “InMotion outcome-based solutions”.  The move is aligned with DMS’ commitment to remaining at the forefront of digital advertising innovations in the MENA region.

InMotion is a Programmatic and Outcome based solutions provider, which helps brands, advertisers and agencies grow their audience and reach their goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

For regional advertisers, InMotion opens greater access to programmatic ad inventory and activity across the Middle East region, enabling the launch and management of digital campaigns across multiple channels, including desktop, mobile, Connected TV and Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH).  InMotion seeks to enable the healthy growth of programmatic advertising in the MENA region, while showcasing programmatic’s potential in a heavily KPI driven environment.  This includes the generation of meaningful outcomes, thoughtful strategies, as well as providing a platform to seamlessly onboard new MENA demand.

InMotion is powered by an array of market leading technologies that can be leveraged to better serve client and campaign objectives. InMotion utilizes enhanced measurement and data capabilities through its platform partners, helping to provide advertisers with a more relevant consumer experience and boosted campaign performance. 

It brings regional advertisers a managed service media-buying experience that’s local, independent, objective and helps them reach audiences through data-driven targeting.

Elaborating on the partnership, Managing Director InMotion Daniel Young,said that “We believe that InMotion will not only enable an array of new clients to successfully enter the world of programmatic, but it will provide a regional focus towards an evolving and increasingly global media landscape. “

Also speaking on the new development, DMS’s COO, Ziad Khammar stated that: 

“With the rise in performance marketing impacting every facet of advertising as we know it today, DMS is very excited to be introducing a very unique outcome based programmatic solution which will work to satisfy two key advertisersneeds, by not only elevating standards, but also enabling brands to achieve their KPIS.”

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