EBRD To Host Online Event On Digitalisation Of Financial Institutions In The Western Balkans And Eastern Europe Region

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By Cyber Era NG Special Correspondent

The EBRD is hosting an online event 10:00 – 11:00 London time  March 2, 2022 to discuss the current digitalisation stage of the financial institutions in the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe region. Notable speakers from leading financial institutions in the region will share their experience in leading their institutions in the race to digitalise.

COVID-19 pandemic has without doubt accelerated the progress to digitalisation of economies and financial institutions worldwide.

As per the detailed event Agenda, the following are some of the topics up for discussion at the event:

1. What is digitalisation of the financial sector? What drives digitalisation strategy in the financial sector in Western Balkans and Eastern Europe region? Has the pandemic resulted in acceleration of the digital transformation?

2. How is the digital transformation changing the financial service sector in Western Balkans and Eastern Europe region?

3. How to “humanise” customer experience while moving more and more into online platforms?

4. What are the main challenges faced (including regulatory challenges) and lessons learned in the digitalisation process?

5. What does the future hold for digital transformation of the financial sector and beyond in the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe region?

6. Q&As

The Key Guest Speaker is President, EBRD, Odile Renaud Basso.

Participants list the following:

  • Managing Director, Financial Institutions, EBRD, Francis Malige
  • Head of Group funding, ProCredit Holding AG &Co, Martin Godemann
  • Deputy Chairman of the Board, Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC, Enkelejd Zotaj
  • Chief Executive Officer, Alter Modus, Montenegro, Ana Kentera
  • Head of Distribution Channels, NLB Group d. d., Vito Gosar
  • Chief Operations Officer, MPAY Albania, Bora Feri

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