Proximus Targets Cybercrime With Insurance Policy


Belgian operator Proximus tapped France-based insurance company AXA Partners for the launch of an insurance policy to protect customers from cybercrime, as it furthers efforts to expand its service portfolio beyond traditional connectivity offerings.

Dubbed Cyber Care, the product is claimed to be the world’s first policy against cybercrime created by an operator. It provides technical, legal, financial and psychological support in the event of online fraud, bullying or defamation.

In a statement, Proximus explained the policy is priced at €4.99(US$5.64) per month and is being launched after a testing phase commenced at the start of the year to assess consumer interest.

Proximus highlighted cybercrime as “the fastest-growing type of criminal activity” in Belgium, with identity and data theft, and bank fraud recording spikes since the start of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and subsequent increases in the use of digital services.

Chief consumer market officer at Proximus, Jim Casteele said Cyber Care will help to increase “the level of consumer confidence and offer real peace of mind” by offering protection against different forms of online criminal activity.

The operator made another move beyond connectivity services in May, launching an app providing telehealth consultations.

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