Kagan: How CES 2022 Will Be Successful In Spite Of COVID-19


Are you planning to attend this year’s Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas in early January? What about your company? Your competitors? Will CES 2022 be a big success, or will it struggle as we still deal with the coronavirus pandemic?  JEFF KAGAN takes a closer look at the important details and questions like who will be there, who will attend virtually and what we can expect from this year’s show.

Trade shows and conventions have been hit hard by the coronavirus over the last two years. They are slowly coming back, but technology like virtual meetings is one of the real success stories of this time.

The good news is it looks like the show will go on. That being said, CES 2022 will be much different compared to the past.

There are plenty of companies and people from around the world. In fact, we have been told that CES is the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world.

Consumer Electronics Show 2022 will be successful

So, let’s take a look at what will be different and what we can expect from this years show.

CES 2022 is a global show with exhibitors, presenters and attendees coming from every corner of the world.

As impressive as that has always been, it is also one of the trouble spots for many attendees as many countries are starting to shut down once again and many others are struggling with a resurgence of coronavirus.

Drawing this many people from around the world have many concerned that CES could be a super-spreader event. However, we have seen other shows and that has not happened. So far, so good.

Could Consumer Electronics Show be coronavirus super-spreader event?

Everyone will be checked before they can enter the show. I fully expect many attendees who will attend, will choose to miss many events where people are packed together like dinners or lunches with large groups of people from around the world.

I see the attendees fitting into one of four categories.

Many companies and many attendees will attend as they always have in the past.

Many other companies will not be there in person. They will hold virtual events. This is not as good as in-person events, but it safer this time around.

Many individuals would prefer not to attend. They would prefer the safety of staying at home and attending virtually.

However, even if workers want to stay home, if the company they work for will be there, there will need workers to be there as well.

So, many attendees will be there, but not be happy about it.

CES 2022 should be successful, but different with virtual events

Bottom line, the show will go on and even though it won’t be as busy as usual, it will be successful. It will also be very different. Let me explain.

We are rapidly moving forward with new technology letting companies do virtual events. You see, even if the company will be there, and even though many will attend their events, many others will not.

And companies need to get their messages out to everyone in the marketplace. That’s why companies will present both in person and virtually, at the same time.

That way they can potentially reach everyone.

Executives at every company and in every industry are looking for new ways to strengthen their messages to the marketplace and finding new ways to reach out.

Companies need to continue to grow to keep investors happy

Companies are getting nimble. They know that they need to continue to grow to keep their shareholders happy.

To do this, they know they need to keep advancing. So, in today’s new world, the way they move forward is changing as well.

Conversations with many executives at many companies understand they need to show growth to keep their shareholders satisfied

After all, that’s exactly why they attend CES in the first place.

CES 2020 PR marketing advertising analyst’s social media influencers

This time around they are adding new weapons to their arsenal to achieve their goals. That’s where public relations, marketing, advertising, social media influencers and more come into play.

So far, I believe this year’s CES 2022 is shaping up to have lower in-person attendance but will be higher in interacting with countless individuals thanks to virtual meetings.

At this time as we continue to struggle through COVID-19, that’s sounds great. Much better than one short year ago.

However, I sure will miss the private meetings with CEOs, lunches with senior executives, schmoozing with the media and sharing my opinion on companies and technologies, not to mention all those yummy crab legs at all the events. Let’s hope by next year we’ll get back to normal. There’s always hope!

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